We need a new home…

27th April 2017

We need a new home…     …and we need your help!

Operating out of the United Church in Croft Road, our storage facilities are far from ideal. The food has to be stored in three different places, including a private garage and a shed.  This means the sorting and distributing of the food is really difficult and valuable volunteer time is spent transferring and transporting food between locations.

For some time we have been looking for single premises where we can store and sort the food, and then distribute it to the families that need it.  We are now finalising plans for a new home where we can locate a portable building providing all our storage and office needs, and be able to operate the Foodbank out of the same location.  It will make the job of supporting families in desperate need that much easier.

Clearly this project will be costly. We do have some limited funds but we will need much more. To buy, transport, site and fit out the new building will cost more than £12,000.

We are asking residents, companies, organisations, schools and churches in Crowborough and Rotherfield, many of whom already support us, if they would consider helping us with one of the following:

Make a donation or a grant    –    please go to the Donate page

Holding a sponsored or fund-raising event

Holding a collection

If you are willing to help in either of these ways do please email us –

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